Harvester Fishing Charters
1870 Ocean Blvd
Rye Harbor NH 03870

Peter Aikens 603.498.5858

Captain Ray 603.926.0264

Reservations: 603.926.0264

Under New Management 2013 ~ The Harvester is still Captained by Capt. Ray
Harvester Fishing Charters is now part of the Petey's Family of Businesses.  Play, Eat & Stay!
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Harvester Fishing Charters specializes in fishing for striped bass, also known as rock fish.

Here along the rocky shores of New Hampshire we commonly use live mackerel, herring, porgies, or live harbor pollock.
Cut or chunk bait is also used.

The bass though are not really picky about what they eat. Clams, squid, bunker, cod, sculpins, eels, sand sharks, crabs
and lobsters. They will consume about anything that lives in the ocean.

We cater to fly fisherman and I tie a nice pattern that works well. At times we will toss lures, top water plugs and spoons. Usually in the fall when the bunker migrate from the estuaries and the harbors.

The tackle consists of rugged but light actions rods, penn reels, and line from 12 to 20 lbs. I only use circle hooks for
live bait and chunks. All equipment is included in the trip, though you are welcome to bring your on gear.

Blue fish are also targeted, though they come and go, and if desired we will pursue them, though most of the time we are the
ones being pursued. Tuna fishing and cod and haddock trips inshore may be reserved, though weather and abundance tend
to make them a few days notice better.

Sometimes on our fishing trips you may see whales, porpoise, different types of sharks or turtles. The isle of shoals is just off
the coast. Different types of water fowl, ducks, terns, and seagulls are abundant.

For Reservations: Call Peter Aikens 603-498-5858  or  Capt. Ray 603-926-0264

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