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What to bring for your adventure.

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Here’s our guide to what every angler should take with them when they book a charter.

Food Options

Snacks. Water and gronola bar will be provided. PLEASE LET YOUR CAPTAIN NOW IF YOU HAVE ANY FOOD ALLEGRIES.

Bagged lunch. On your adventure, please make sure to bring a bagged lunch. The ocean air always makes you hungry, especially after catching a lot of fish.

Prepared food option. Harvester Fishing Charters offers a limited selection of food options for PRIVATE CHARTERS ONLY. You will have the ability to order food for your charter. This is an additional cost to the overall charter price.


It’s important to bring plenty of layers if you’re planning to go out on the open water. Even the warmest days can experience large drops in temperature offshore. From you early depature you can’t rely on the sun to keep you warm from the start. At the same time, you’re not going to have a lot of shade out there so you need to make sure can take off outer layers if you need to.

Windbreaker.This will protect you from spray and keep you warm on early morning starts. Shorts or long pants are acceptable.

Light weight shirt.Wearing a shirt will protect your arms and shoulders from sunburn.

Light colored clothing. This reflects the sun to keep you cool in hot weather.

Gloves. These will keep your hands protected from sun burn, bad weather and line cuts.

Non-skid rubber soled shoes. Sneakers and flip flops are recommended! NO BLACK SOLED SHOES ALLOWED!!

Weather Protection

A lack of shade plus the ocean’s reflective glare can provide a very uncomfortable and unsafe experience if you’re not protected. At the same time, conditions can change very quickly out at sea and unexpected downpours can turn a fishing charter into a nightmare for unprepared anglers.

Sunscreen. Make sure to get one that protects from both UVA and UVB rays.

Lip balm. Lip balm with sun protection will stop your lips getting chapped out on the water.

Hat. Hats with brims provide shade and decrease the risk of sun stroke.

Polarized sunglasses. These will cut through the glare on the water.

Waterproof jacket and rain pants. These are essential if you come across bad weather when you’re out at sea.


It’s easier and safer to bring any medical equipment you think you might need on your trip with you. Please make sure that it is in a prepscription bottle labeled to you. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CAPTAIN KNOWS ABOUT ANY MEDICATIONS BEFORE YOUR DEPARTURE OR BOOKING.

Seasickness medication. If you’re prone to seasickness stock up on over the counter remedies before you leave. Bonine® and Dramamine® are particularly effective but should be taken a couple of hours in advance of the trip. It’s always best to avoid combining anti nausea remedies with coffee. Avoid having too much to drink the night before if you want to have a puke-free trip!

Bug spray. This is an essential wherever you’re traveling to. Where there’s water, there are bugs, so come prepared!

Small first aid kit. We have our own first aid kit and life survival suits, but we will have not problem if you feel the need to bring your own.

Hand sanitizer and wet wipes. No one wants to eat a sandwich when their hands are covered in fish slime.

Prescription medicines (in their original prescription bottle). If you require everyday medicine, please make sure to inform your captain and bring your medicine with you. Your captain needs to be aware of any potential situations on the water and could get into trouble if medication you bring on board is not in its original packaging.


This lets you bring your stuff on board without worrying that it will be damaged by sea salt and spray.

Backpack. It might be a good idea to bring to keep your essentials all together.

Cooler. We have plenty of cooler space for lunch and fish. However, please have a cooler in your car for your daily catches. We will supply you with ice for your cooler.

Drinking bottle. Keeping water or an energy drink in a sports bottle will keep you hydrated and you won’t have to worry about leaks or spills.

Waterproof bag. It’s a good idea to bring a small waterproof zip lock bag for your electronic items and important documents.

Other Essentials

Camera. A camera or smartphone is essential for you to record your trophy catch. Consider investing in a chest harness to record the thrill of a fight without having to let go of the rod to use the controls.

Hand towel. Fishing can get messy!

What not to bring:

If any of the items stated below are discovered after depature. We will terminate the charter immediately and you will forfeit all payment for the charter. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Any Illegal drugs, including Marijuana

Weapons or fireworks

Unruly and non-cooperative passengers


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